Advanced Solutions

for the most efficient Filtration and smart Process management.

Secondary Battery·hydrogen industry

Semiconductor equipment gas filter and diffuser

German GKN corporation's metal powder filter media assure flawless Performance with perfect porosity and outstanding durability.

We are developing filter and diffuser used for semiconductor equipment by researching such merit.
Recently, we are enlarging market gradually, and finding chance to devote the semiconductor equipment localization.
With measureless possibility, our know-how and technology will be recognized in the national leading industry, the semiconductor industry.

Aviation war supplies

Our metal filter contribute to the Korea industry.

Our metal filter is selected for propellant fuel filtering in the aerospace projectile and actually applied to army equipment and recognized its quality.
In addition, with cooperation research and development between conglomerate and government supported Research Institute, we are supplying various hydraulic filter equipment in the army.
Our technology and know-how is recognized by industry that rigorous test and accurate specification is required

Aviation, Space
War supplies