Advanced Solutions

for the most efficient Filtration and smart Process management.


Introducing the Footsteps of TELIN Co., Ltd.

TELIN Co., Ltd. produces and supplies the finest products for both the environment and customers, aiming for a harmonious blend of nature and humanity.


Establishment of TELIN Co., Ltd.

Completion of metal filter production facility

Exported CARTRIDGE FILTER to Paol, Germany

OEM agreement and export with Nagase, Japan

Certification as a specialized company for parts and materials

Selected as a promising export small and medium business

ISO 9001:2000 recognized

Adoption for joint research by Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

Selected as a technologically innovative small and medium-sized business (INNO-BIZ)

Selected as a venture company

Selected as an excellent technology company (technology assurance)

Selected as a promising small and medium enterprise (Daegu Bank)

Selected as a leading company in Daegu City


Opened as GKN KOREA OFFICE in Germany

Relocation and occupancy of new business site in Seongseo Complex 4

Acquired KS A 1400:2004 ISO (environmental management system)

Clean workplace certification (Ministry of Labor)

Participated in Keimyung University’s industry-academia-research joint technology development consortium project

Selected as a technical support project for a company specializing in parts and materials

Certification of Corporate Technology Development Research Institute - Korea Industrial Technology Association

Small and Medium Business Technology Development Support Project (host company)

Received the Prime Minister's Award for contribution to small and medium-sized technology innovation (winner, CEO)

Received the Daegu Mayor's Award at the High-Tech Venture Company Awards

Keimyung University New Research Institute Consortium Research (Development of microfilter of medical composite ceramic material)

Plasma technology transfer (6 patents)

Received the Daegu City Small and Medium Business Award for Excellence


Technology innovation development project ‘Development of eco-friendly argon rotary furnace’

Daegu Technopolis expansion and relocation (located in Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu)

Industrial technology innovation project 'Development of local production technology for corrosion-resistant metal filters for application to commercial-grade synthetic gas manufacturing process (8 patents)

Selected as Daegu Freestar company


Development of 3 types of filters: hydrogen vehicle receptacle, regulator, and solenoid

Country of Origin Certification Exporter Certification by Item (FILTER)

Certified as a company with excellent technical capabilities (Korea Corporate Data)


Selected as a venture company

Selected as a promising export small and medium business

Re-selected as a technologically innovative small and medium-sized business (INNO-BIZ)

Introduction of ROBOT LASER WELDING SYSTEM equipment

Construction of clean room facilities