Advanced Solutions

for the most efficient Filtration and smart Process management.


Harmonious environment of nature and human Providing the Best product and serviceAnd that is the basic attitude and practical principle.

We are providing various metal filter based on mi crofibre welding technique accumulated for 20 years through abundant experiences and integrated technology and design technique.

Also we are providing TOTAL FILTER SYSTEM in many different industries as semiconductor, aviation space, power plant, medical science pharmaceutical, and munitions industry.
In the environment industry we are proceeding planning, production, and supplying offensive odor deodori zation system with its system low temperature plasma patent. In particular, we secure various types of pilot and developing system to provide filter selection perfect for the processing and the best processing condition.

We are developing and studying various researches like bio, energy development, waste resources application technology, air environment, and environmental material development, in the in-company laboratory.

We have been building reliability and career through quality as an environmental company with ISO9001 /2008 Certification, ISO14001/2004 Certification, INNO-BIZ Certification, venture business Certification, selection of part material specialized company, selection of exportation promising small and medium-sized business, various patents / utility model patent application.

In 2014, we moved to Daegu with new state of mind for a second chance. Now we wish you to see the soaring TELIN from the new company building, the Technopolis, Daegu, Korea.